Thursday, June 29, 2006

Vacations do not help sleep!

Wait... Has it seriously been a month since I have posted? Whoa.. Honestly where does the time go?????

Well 3 trips in less than a month I guess can sure make a month ZOOM by without warning. A 5 day camping trip with my church, 4 days in Memphis with my In Laws, and 12 days in NH, just Alex, myself and my family.

Of COURSE during these trips Alex's bedtime routine and sleeping pattern got all mixed up. Sigh.. He ended back in the bed with us and I cannot seem to get him back on track. Last night was BAD. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep all night. From 12:30 to 5am he was up every 15 to 20 minutes. Crying, whining, whimpering, wailing, screaming, getting out of bed, fighting. I seriously tried every trick in my sleeve. At 4:30 I moved my pillows onto the floor next to his bed and he seriously fell asleep holding my hand there. I KNOW he can do it.. He has done it before now it's just a matter of making his body and mind remember it. SOOO tonight the Sleep Lady is Back.. And starting from scratch. I am going to act like this is Day 1 and go from there. Sooo... I am back to posting.........

It's the only way I can find patterns, vent, and allow myself to have melt downs without taking it out on him. I PRAY this does not take the same amount of time as last time BUT.. I am back in it for the long haul. Guess I better start getting my butt to bed earlier.

He took an hour nap at school today...... And he is EXHAUSTED! Droopy eyes... And very low key. NOT my normal hyper boy so bed time will come quickly tonight. Could be as early as 7:30.

Honestly I just want to drop my head onto the desk right here and sleep...............

In bed.. lights out, at 7:30. I sat against his bedroom door reading a book. Although no crying it took him an HOUR to settle down. He was fidgeting all over the bed regardless or how exhausted he was. Finally at 8:30 sleep won and he closed his eyes.... now for the rest of the night!