Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YES!!!! I rock my own free world!! I managed to post twice in less than a month. Amazing when that happens. Nothing actually new going on here. Managing to stay clear of all drama. Just trying to keep my family close, God closer and the enemy far far away. I know he's there knocking but I am just flat out refusing to even peek out at him. Working on yet another yard sale here.. This one is to raise money for my trip to the MOPS convention in Nashville, TN. I am soo excited. I had a great time last year and am going with 3 new people this year. I will actually be the veteran which is interesting. Nace is gone now, today was my first day flying solo. I will need to bring music to work now because I am freaked out listening to myself think. Nace use to talk to himself, play music by tapping a pen, make thinking sounds, grunts at e-mails, you know typical guy noise stuff... Yet today I really missed it. It was creepy looking at the empty office. I finally just closed the door. I am certain it will get better. Okay now I am starting to get sleepy.. It's almost midnight... Time to hit the bed! NIGHT!