Thursday, July 03, 2008

20 Years off my life!

I have to share a story about Alex today. We were at the base pool and Alex and some other kids were all jumping off the diving board. Another Mommy and her 2 year old daughter were in the water hanging on to the side and I was standing on deck near the ladder. Alex dove in and came up, just as he wiped the water off his face another 4 yr. old little boy ran down the diving board and jumped.... knees bent... right into Alex's head. The Mommy in the water tossed her daughter on the side (she was wearing a life jacket) and headed towards Alex. The instant I saw the boy start to jump I flung my hat off my head and dove straight in after my boy knowing the pain he was going to be feeling. I got to him just as he came up crying. I snatched him up trying to calm him down as we swam to the side while I secretly searched for blood.

My heart raced from watching a 40+ pound kid jump on my sons head and from diving in to rescue him. Scared the CRAP out of me. Alex cried for several minutes and said it really scared him as he couldn't breathe. He clung to me while I tried to focus on him and remember accidents happen and the child was only 4. (My Mommy instinct was to yell at the kid, lol). Within 5 minutes Alex decided he was fine and was back up on the board jumping off again.

Several lifeguards all commented on my quick reaction and Alex's calm recovery. It could have been so much worse and we were all blessed that it wasn't.

But I SWEAR it shaved at least 20 years off my life.....................

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