Monday, July 07, 2008

Laundry, Laundry, and more Laundry!!

Laundry, Dirty Laundry, Clean Laundry, the mountain just grows and grows. It's a never ending battle for a Mom. But when exactly did it become a Mom's job anyway? I know I am "home" more than Rick but does that make me the do all girl?? Child raising is tough work. Now we not only have the title of stay at home Mom but also everyone's personal housekeeper and do it all chick. Moms do laundry, clean house, make sure you men have clean underwear, a clean towel to dry your naked body when you get out of the shower, and of course a clean shower to do it in.

First I have to sort the nasty dirty laundry which let's face it when you have a 5 year old laundry can get pretty nasty. Plus a husband who thinks he's superman fixing cars, doing yard work, and just plain rolling in the filth. Think pigpen! Sorting can be stressful as everyone has a different concept of "how" to sort. My theory is different... Unless an item is new it's all shirts together, all pants or shorts together, socks and underwear together. NOW if an item is new and red or some other color that might bleed it is washed alone. Nothing worse than turning my family's white's into a lovely shade of pink. eeekk... BAD!

Next it's time to carry it OUTSIDE (yeah here in the south they like to put laundry rooms outside of the house). Then load the washer, put in the soap, and wait. Now as the female of the house this also means I do all the grocery shopping. This means I also am in charge of picking out which brand of laundry detergent we use. Which fabric softener, which dryer sheet, which stain remover. Now, to a man this means waking in and grabbing anything. To a woman this means standing in front of the aisle smelling jugs, comparing price, and polling every woman they know to see what they use and like. Keep in mind that there is over 55 brands of detergents to choose from, add in the choices in each brand, powder, liquid, different scents, it's a serious brand overload. Picking the wrong brand could end in disaster and lead to itching private areas. This will of course lead to ONE grouchy family.

Back out to the laundry room to switch the loads, one to the dryer and another dirty pile into the washer. Then head back to the house to... wait! Sigh....

FINALLY, the first load is done and it's time to do the REAL PAIN!! Folding, hanging, and putting away. Depending on the load this can take as short as 5 minutes to as long as 30. There is NOTHING I can't stand more than folding socks. It's such a pain matching them and figuring out who's is who's. Hang up before everything gets full of wrinkles or then it might mean ironing too. Let's just say this wife DOES NOT IRON!! I really suck at ironing and my husband refuses to allow me to do it. Hmm.. maybe I should suck at doing laundry too??

Today, is laundry day in my house! I have folded 3 loads and have 5 more waiting anxiously for me. I can't wait till I can teach Alex to do laundry.

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alyssa said...

Every day here is laundry day. BUT I'll take laundry any day over cleaning the bathroom. Espeically being the only female in an all standing up to pee kind of household!

Love ya!