Friday, July 11, 2008


Drew is our Church Worship leader and a good friend! He is a very talented musician who doesn't give himself nearly enough credit. This is rare in true musicians. God has blessed him with the ability to write, sing and play. He has moved me to tears during worship on many occasions. Just when I think "Oh I have heard this song before", God uses Drew to touch my heart in a new way. Powerful and awe inspiring.

Music is one gift I honestly do not have. I like to sing "for fun" and being silly but nothing serious. I think I sang "You are my sunshine" on stage in front of 300 people when I was 4. I was taking singing lessons and that was my "solo". It is one song I have sung my entire life and the song that got me through the longest nights in the NICU. My singing is silly and touches no one but the poor dogs in the yard.

Drew's voice is a gift...

I hope you'll take a minute and go and check out one of his bands new songs just posted on myspace.

For those who go to church with me, that is Chelvis on Bass and Robert on the drums too!!

Drew.. you rock my free world! Thank you for making my days just a little brighter. I Love ya!

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