Friday, July 11, 2008

Personal Post...

My best friend Lori use to ask me on a daily basis "Where have you seen God today?" Sometimes I saw Him pulling me out of something, sometimes in to something, and sometimes He was working hard to make me just "be".

I have had an unusual week. My emotions have been high and all over the place. But, where exactly have I seen or heard God? I have seen satan knocking on my door tempting me with my greatest weakness's beckoning me to cross that line. In that, Christ has been there watching waiting to see exactly what I will do. Being supportive in silence, allowing me to stick my toe out and feel the warm sweet air waiting for me to realize it's infested with sharks. Waiting for me to stand by Him and honor Him. At times I have wanted to run and take shelter in a closet in the safety of that old Vegas saying. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Like Vegas though, eventually you must open that closet door and leave. Sitting there waiting for you to open that door and crawl out is your Best Friend, Your Father, Your Savior. Sigh.. that water isn't as desirable anymore when you consider the consequences.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Thinking about it I can honestly say I have seen Christ in the some of the most minuscule ways this week. In a song, in a text, in a hug, in a e-mail, in a rant, in my quiet office, in the news, in my sons eyes, in Rick's laughter, and in my friends warm faces. I realize that maybe when you stop looking so hard he is actually right there. RIGHT there under your very own nose.

It can be as obvious as the friend who gives up her day to take care of your child or the person who arrives at the 3 way stop first yet let's you go first. It's also in the big hug a friend sends by text just because your having a depressing afternoon. I could list many many more but instead YOU go looking and let me know where YOU saw God today!!

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