Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I want to say this picture says it all but of course I have more to say. When I first put my new lenses on my eyes and brain freaked out. Everything just looked weird. I don't want to say clear but almost too bright. My brain literally hurt. I took them off to drive home in fear I might crash the car. Once home I pulled the shades shut and sat in my recliner, lenses on, trying to allow my eyes to adjust and focus. I was amazed at how bright and clear my computer screen seemed. I was also impressed that I could read the names on the videos on the shelf across the room. Whoa! I finally felt settled about an hour later but then it was time to leave and when I stood up my eyes freaked out again. I kept catching myself looking at things either above or below my glasses. Ugh.. I was warned I may have a headache off and on for a few days. I tried to wear them the rest of the evening but finally at 10pm I gave up and put them away. I am surprised how hard my brain is fighting looking at things "properly". I guess they have been trained and are stubborn. IMAGINE... my eyes are even stubborn. Ugh....

As to the way I look.. well.. since I had been in the pool today my hair is insane, plus my cold sore isn't gone, my face is swollen, I'm PMSing, and well tough crap all your getting is what you see! If you don't like it... send me a e-mail!!

Rick decided he can actually see things better using my glasses and has decided he may need to steal them. I explained maybe he TOO is getting old and needs glasses. He argued that he has 20/20 vision YET could not tell me that last time he saw an optometrist.

Alex LOVED my glasses and told me I looked HOT! LOL.. ahhh to revel in the fact my 5 year old thinks his Mama is hot. He was very excited and said "now we match" "we are so cool", "people who wear glasses are not blind they just have a little extra style". Yeah being 5 rocks!

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Sara said...

sorry you're off to a rough start with the glasses. Hopefully it gets better soon. I am not surprised to hear that even your eyes are stubborn :-), Have a nice weekend!!